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Our Story

After dedicating thirteen years of hard work and passion as the base manager for the largest Croatian charter company, I’ve decided to embark on an exciting new chapter by opening my own charter agency. My journey thus far has been filled with invaluable experiences, lessons learned, and a deep understanding of the yacht charter industry.

My decision to transition from managing operations for a renowned company to becoming an entrepreneur speaks volumes about my ambition, vision, and confidence in my abilities. With a solid foundation built on years of expertise, I’m well-equipped to navigate the complexities of starting and running my own business.

My time spent managing the operations of a leading charter company has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the business. From client relations and vessel maintenance to crew management and marketing strategies, I’ve honed my skills and developed a keen insight into what it takes to deliver exceptional service and unforgettable experiences to clients.

Now, as the founder of my own charter agency, I have the freedom to implement my own innovative ideas, tailor services to meet the unique needs of my clients, and create a brand that reflects my values and dedication to excellence. I’m excited to leverage my industry knowledge, professional network, and passion for sailing to build a thriving business that sets new standards in the charter industry.

My commitment to providing personalized attention, meticulous planning, and top-notch service ensures that every client who chooses my agency for their sailing adventure will embark on a journey that exceeds their expectations. Whether they’re seeking a luxurious yacht for a week-long vacation or a bareboat charter for a sailing adventure with friends, I’m dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression.

As I embark on this new entrepreneurial endeavor, I’m filled with excitement, anticipation, and a sense of fulfillment knowing that I’m following my passion and turning my dreams into reality. With my wealth of experience, unwavering determination, and a clear vision for the future, my charter agency is poised for success, promising endless opportunities for adventure on the beautiful waters of Croatia and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine the standards of excellence in the yacht charter industry. We aim to deliver unparalleled service, personalized experiences, and unforgettable adventures to every client who chooses our agency. From the moment clients express interest to the completion of their sailing journey, we strive to create a seamless and stress-free chartering process.

Building lasting relationships with clients is at the heart of our mission. We believe in fostering trust, transparency, and integrity in every interaction. Our goal is not just to meet but to exceed their expectations at every turn, ensuring that their time on the water is nothing short of extraordinary.

In addition, we are deeply committed to promoting sustainability and responsible tourism practices within the industry. As stewards of the marine environment, we work to minimize the ecological footprint of our operations and support initiatives aimed at preserving and protecting the oceans for future generations.

Overall, our mission is to inspire a love for sailing, adventure, and exploration while setting a new standard of excellence in the charter industry—one that prioritizes client satisfaction, environmental stewardship, and a passion for the sea.


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Personalized Service:

Tailored experiences for your unique preferences.

Extensive Expertise:

Over 13 years managing top Croatian charter.

Exceptional Fleet:

Meticulously maintained yachts for every adventure.

Unparalleled Destinations:

Insider access to Croatia’s hidden gems.